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Welcome to White Collar Rewatch!

How it works
Starting from Friday, 20th May 2016, we'll watch one episode a week and then come here to discuss, squee, critique, and link to episode-related fanworks in the comments of the check-in post.

We've made this a personal journal rather than a comm solely for ease of crossposting to LJ and DW. If you don't want to friend [personal profile] wc_rewatch, you're welcome to track it instead. Casual participation is also welcome and encouraged. And although we're calling this a rewatch, first-time watchers are welcome too!

Fanworks challenge (optional)
One of the motivations for starting this rewatch was to inspire us to make fanworks. To join the fanworks challenge, set your own level (eg, aim for one fanwork per episode, or one fanwork per two episodes) and comment here with your goal.

Check-in posts
We'll post once a week with the title of this week's episode.

It's good/okay to comment with:
- episode reactions, meta, squee about favourite scenes, critiques of the episode
- links to your new episode-related fanworks and/or recs of relevant existing fanworks
- quotes and screencaps (please keep image sizes less than 350px wide)
- character or ship love inspired by the episode (all ships welcome!)
- continuity observations with earlier episodes
- mild/vague spoilers for future episodes, if relevant.

It's not okay to comment with:
- character or ship bashing (note that you can disagree with a character's behaviour without bashing them)
- discussion of actors, actor performance or behind-the-scenes stuff (for the sake of keeping our disbelief properly suspended)
- specific/significant spoilers for future episodes (keep in mind that we have first-time watchers too).

Important: These restrictions don't apply to fanworks. RPF your heart out! Write character-bashing fic if that's what you want to do! Spoil away! But if you're linking to those works on [personal profile] wc_rewatch, please include a content note so people can choose to skip.

Also important
Play nice, be kind, have fun, and talk amongst yourselves! Let's get our White Collar squee on!

[personal profile] wc_rewatch mods are [personal profile] treonb and [personal profile] china_shop.

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